Ever wondered what is PPD and what you need to do for it?

PPD stands for Personal and Professional Development. It is a mandatory activity to be done annually by IFoA working professionals. To become a fellow, minimum 36 months of work experience must be recorded as PPD. Process includes explaining to the institute what you learnt in your work experience of the current calendar year. Each student will have a unique deadline based on when they joined IFoA as a member. You can switch to the last section if you are a non-working member of the institute.

PPD is designed to make the work related element an integral part of member’s ongoing learning experience. It brings the requirement information closer alignment with CPD which should be completed separately and in addition to PPD.

What to do:
Add a minimum of 3 PPD credits and 2 formal learning hours. PPD credits should be at least one for each of these categories:
• Effective communications
• Problem solving and decision making
• Professionalism

Once you become an associate, the requirement increases to 10 PPD credits and 2 Formal learning hours
How to record PPD on Website:
Step 1: Go to actuaries.org.uk and login.
Step 2: Go to My account and scroll down to My work experience (PPD)
Step 3: Add a new record
Step 4: Select PPD objective & PPD competencies based on what is applicable to you.
Step 5: Write Activity description & Learning outcome.
Step 6. Choose date and click add.
Step 7: Click Submit

Repeat steps 3-7 till you reach the desired minimum requirements.
If you fail to record PPD by the due date, it will lead to an incremental non-compliance fee of up to 200 pounds (approx. Rupees 20,000) would be charged.

In case you have not worked in the past 12 months, you can send an email to IFoA (education.services@actuaries.org.uk ) in this format:
Respected sir/madam,
I am (your name), ARN XXXXXXX. I am a student member of IFoA and studying full time under reduced rate system. I am currently not working so won’t be able to submit my PPD in this diet.
Kindly update my PPD as soon as possible.
Thanks and regards.
Your name
More detailed content links could be found here:
1. https://www.actuaries.org.uk/studying/practical-work-experience-ppd
2. https://www.actuaries.org.uk/studying/practical-work-experience-ppd/pers…
3. PPD Formal learning mini guide: https://www.actuaries.org.uk/documents/ppd-formal-learning-mini-guide

In the upcoming article we will cover CPD requirement.

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