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Kevin Punmiya

Akash Rughani

Dhruv Gupta


Kevin Punmiya

CM1 Mentor
• 3+ years of teaching experience
• ⁠3+ years of actuarial risk modelling experience at some of largest global banks and insurers
• ⁠Cleared all papers of actuarial science and is a qualified CA

Akash Rughani

CM1 & CB1 Mentor

Dhruv Gupta

CM2 Mentor
• 4+ years of teaching experience
• 2+ years of experience in health insurance analytics and pricing at the largest private sector GI insurer
• Cleared 11 actuarial papers in 1st attempt

Bhavya Shah

CS1 & CS2 Mentor
• 4+ years of teaching experience
• 3+ years of experience in Actuarial Audits and Non-Life Insurance Pricing
• All India Rank 1 in CS2 and CM2


Bobby Singh



Aayushi Sarvaiya

CB1 Mentor
• Chartered Accountant
• 5+ years of experience in General Insurance Industry
• 5+ years of teaching experience

Radhika Talekar (1)

Radhika Talekar

CB2 Mentor
• 3 years corporate and 5 years Teaching Experience,
• UGC NET, Pursuing PhD, research and career guide
• 2500+ students trained


Vami Jasani

Operations Manager

Hiral Shah

Head of Counselling

Sujata Handelkar

Accounts and Finance Manager