CB2 Test Series

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Business Economics (CB2)

Business Economics (CB2) introduces the main principles of economics and their application in a business context. In micro economics it covers the operation of single markets, market price and output determination, decisions made by consumers on allocating their budget and by producers on price and output, and different types of market structures and the implication of each for social welfare. In macroeconomics candidates will gain knowledge of the working of the economic system, governments’ macroeconomic objectives, unemployment, inflation, economic growth, international trade and financial systems and financial crises.

Exam Format:  Objective Based Assessment (OBA)

Package Includes:

  1. Assignment & Test on Each Chapter
  2. 2 Mocks 


Radhika Talekar
CB2 Mentor
  • 3 years corporate and 5 years Teaching Experience
  • UGC NET, Pursuing PhD, research and career guide
  • 2500+ students trained


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