Want to do Actuaries but wondering if you need a basic course?
We at FinStat teach Math & Stats basics which will form the foundation of Actuarial Papers you appear.

Who should attend?
Whoever wants to do actuaries after 10th or someone who did not take Math in 12th class but now wishes to pursue actuaries. It is recommended that you attend this before your first actuarial exam.

What do we teach?
Basic mathematics and statistics topics which will form base for Actuarial exams. We teach topics like integration, derivation etc which you might not be familiar with or need a refresher. These topics are thoroughly used in Actuaries so you should be having concept clarity.

What would be the frequency of classes?
It would be 3 days a week to complete 50 hours of training.

Classes start 19th July 2021 for April 2022 Attempt. We will assign chapter-wise assignments and two mock papers for testing your knowledge of all concepts.

In the upcoming article, we will talk about which paper you should appear first – CS1 or CM1?
Both are allowed for a non member of IFOA, but only one can be attempted as a non member.

Stay tuned, keep learning, keep rocking!

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